Our Promise

Our promise is simple: to inspire and to delight... to make the ordinary, well, extraordinary.

Superior Quality & Competitive Pricing

Argento SC puts a great deal of emphasis on quality. We only sell goods that meet our high standards of excellence and sophisticated aesthetics. Our overseas Quality Control and Inspection teams scrutinize all production samples and shipments for 100% accuracy. This support system is unique for a domestic importer and allows us to oversee every detail while offering high-fashion and high-quality products at an affordable price. Our relationships with a wide network of international factories enable us to purchase a wide range of quality goods. Each factory we work with specializes in a specific field and has a highly efficient manufacturing process. In addition, we have the capital to invest in sizable quantities of each category so that there is always a variety of merchandise ready to ship from our warehouses. Our sourcing team continuously combs the market for incentive buys, off price opportunities and closeouts. We always have a continuous flow of tasteful, well-priced goods whether it is commodity opportunity goods or the latest trendsetting products.


We pride ourselves in having dedicated relationships with our clients and their customers. We diligently work harder, faster, and longer to make sure our clients have what they need to run their business' efficiently. We are capable of incorporating your personal design elements into our own unique designs and sourcing efforts at any time to accommodate an ever changing retail environment. Our wide range of sourcing and design capabilities are here to assist you in the execution of ads, promotions and store events.

Exclusive Product & Packaging

Originality and excitement is key in making your store memorable. Argento SC can help you achieve this by creating a unique line of products and brands especially targeted for your specific clientele. Our skillful team of designers can develop and design exclusive products, gift sets and other multi-pack deals with packaging that offers a professional “boutique” look and feel. We can capture any trend in the market and integrate your personal style with packaging that gives each product exactly the look you, your company, and your clients are looking for.

Innovative Team Of Artists

Argento SC has an exceptionally diverse design team. Their combined talent, creativity, and use of latest technologies is one of our best assets. We are committed to continually developing new products in each division. This gives your business the opportunity to frequently integrate new products, keeping you and your clients ahead of the trends. Your showroom experience will be brand new each time you visit Argento SC, with the introduction of innovative collections and exciting closeout opportunities, you will never see the same thing twice.

Future Opportunities

Argento SC will help you reach your fullest potential and maximize your profits. Our products stand for quality, style and value. We would love to partner with you to provide you with an assortment of trendy merchandise, top-shelf commodity goods & close-out opportunities that will excite you and your customer. We look forward to the opportunity to become a major player in your on-going business. We have the inventory, experience, and expertise to make this a rewarding partnership for both Argento SC and your company.

Quality Control & Product Testing

It is our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction by manufacturing defect free products. We believe that quality is built into a product. Argento SC vigorously tests through Bureau Veritas to ensure that our products meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility put out by The FDA. Prop 65, UL, and other such associations and organizations. While our entire management team takes the ultimate responsibility for our level of quality and customer satisfaction, it is our office in Shenzhen, China that does the heavy lifting. We have an entire team in our Shenzhen office that is responsible for the implementation of quality in each and every order.